DSC Sport V3 Controller for Porsche 991 2012+

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Available for all 991 models fitted with PASM, the V3 Controller is a simple Plug N Play controller that replaces the factory PASM controller, offering both improved track performance and street comfort. Like all DSC Sport controllers, it allows users to tune by g-force, brake pressure, acceleration, speed, steering, and control the effective damping range via shock calibration. Additionally, the V3 Controller introduces a velocity table and magnetic motor mount tuning control.

The V3 Controller also introduces the ability to tune by velocity, made possible by the factory four wheel ride height sensors now equipped on all 991/981 models. Velocity tuning allows adjustment based on the velocity of the piston rod movement, more accurately tuning the chassis to road surface changes. This feature provides a new dimension of tuning that maximizes both performance and comfort.

For vehicles equipped with the (Porsche Dynamic Engine Mount) PDEM option, the V3 controller improves upon the magnetic motor mount control offered as an option from the factory. This is a vital improvement for precision handling in fast corners, high speed transitions, and rapid load changes.