by Meraki Autoworks
$ 750.00

RR Racing is proud to make history by being the first to offer an upgraded tune for Lexus IS-F engine control unit (ECU). The Lexus IS-F ECU is a very complex and sophisticated engine management system. RR Racing has been developing this upgrade tune for many months, intimately understanding IS-F ECU's parameters and structures, testing various changes to optimize power and torque effectively while retaining stock fuel efficiency, knock control sensitivity, and other built in safety features. During the development and testing period, we have logged many track hours and over 2,000 miles of road testing and road-dyno logging with many more hours spent on a sophisticated Dynojet dyno at a top-notch climate controlled facility.

  • Direct Injection / Port Injection fuel mapping
  • Ignition control (ISF has base ignition maps, cam timing dependent ignition maps, knock correction maps)
  • Intake and Exhaust variable cam maps
  • Torque to throttle mapping (allows us to enhance throttle response)
  • Two optional rev limit increases -- 7200 or 7400 RPM (not recommended without our TCU tune)
  • CEL parameters (e.g., disabling of O2 sensor warning light)