by Meraki Autoworks
$ 499.00

It is finally here! This intake is made of one piece titanium tube specially bent by a company that manufactures products for the aerospace and defense industry. The one piece design facilitates smoother air flow (unlike in intakes made from pie-cut welded titanium tubes). Titanium alloy is known for its low thermal conductivity facilitating cooler air in the intake. But as important, it really looks good in your engine bay!

There are many intakes available for the IS-F, but the RR-Racing IS-F intake kits are unique in that they are the only intake to eliminate the valve cover venting. Instead of venting the valve covers back to the intake manifold, where oil contamination leads to carbon buildup and possible detonation, we vent the valve covers to atmosphere using supplied silicone hoses and genuine K&N breather filter.

The RR-Racing IS-F intake features titanium 3.5" elbow mated to silicone hose connectors and quality stainless steel T-bolt clamps for a positive leak free connection.